Who is Bob?

Ever since the naming of Bob’s Auto Café, many have asked the question: “Who is Bob?”

The short answer: Bob is Danielle, the youngest daughter of Executive Director Daniel Lacy.

Who is Bob? Bob's Auto Cafe

Executive Director, Daniel Lacy, and his daughter, Danielle

Daniel explains, “When my daughter, Danielle, was 2 years old, she always referred to herself as ‘Me’. Everything was ‘Me, me, me…’ I tried numerous times to get her to say her name, but with no success. Finally, in frustration, I told her that from this point on, her name would be ‘Bob’. After 5 minutes or so, I asked her what her name was, and with a big smile she said, ‘Bob!’ Well it stuck, and for the next 6 to 9 months she kept telling people her name was Bob.”

When it came to naming Bob’s Auto Café, Daniel thought it fitting to use Danielle’s nickname in the title. Danielle is a food science major and bit of a car girl, so the name fit right in with the original idea of a café and nature of automotive business, thus the creation of Bob’s Auto Café.

“People have said we should change the name to be more descriptive, call it ‘Something’ Auto Shop, but even my wife insists on keeping the name,” says Daniel. “For me, the name holds a deeper meaning. Our mission is unique, as is our name. Personally, I like it.”

Today “Bob” is married and working in the Brewery industry in Portland, OR. She owns a ’68 Chevy Camaro that is awaiting restoration at Bob’s Auto Café.

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