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Bob’s Auto Café (BAC) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit committed to the education and training of prospective employees seeking a career in the Automotive Service industry. We provide real-world hands-on experience in a live automotive sales and repair facility, with the goal of providing employers with qualified, vetted candidates for entry-level automotive positions.

Summer Training Program

BAC Intern Program

Bob’s Auto Café is committed to creating a valuable, dignified and respectful employee by providing automotive technical training in a real-world work place.

We pay our interns, train them, test them and get them into jobs once they receive some of their ASE certifications. They will leave us without school debt and be able to focus on providing for their families while receiving a good income in a promising career. Our goal is for interns to leave Bob’s with some of their ASE Certifications and to position them into solid automotive technician jobs.

ASE Certification is achieved through experience and testing. As an intern, you will work alongside ASE certified technicians to gain the hands-on experience and training you need to achieve your certification and prepare you for full-time employment.

Our involvement and your dedication will get you on your way to an automotive career.

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