Bob’s Auto Café is a 501 c3 non-profit automotive shop


Our Mission

Our mission is twofold: Give purpose, hope and emotional support through education to those seeking employment in the automotive field; give sustainability, opportunity and dignity to families in need of benevolent automotive services.

What We Do

Bob’s Auto Café provides unique automotive technical training for those wishing to be employed in the automotive field. We pay our interns, train them, test them and get them into jobs once they receive some of their ASE certifications. They will leave us without school debt and be able to focus on providing for their families while receiving a good income in a promising career.
Bob’s Auto Café is committed to creating a valuable, dignified and respectful employee by providing automotive technical training in a real-world work place.

How We Do It

Ongoing funding for our organization comes from a few areas. 1) Donated cars, which are worked on by our staff and those in training, and then sold on our lot and/or through other used car dealers. 2) Normal service work on paying customer cars worked on by our staff and those in training. 3) Some apparel and “Bob’s Auto Café” signature items and 4) A small parts store for safety and specialty automotive items. 5) Cash donations are always welcome. Instructions are listed on the Donate page.